Bish /bɪʃ/

[Orig. 1990’s US slang] Variations: biatch, bitch

Singular noun. Plural: bish-es: /bɪʃɪz/

    1. A self-identifier indicating pride, confidence, and attractiveness: the Real Bish (username, Urban Dictionary), Fashion Bishesbishes who love fashion (WordPress Blog, 2011), MissBishBishes in the Kitchen (, 2016)
    2. A very close and trusted friend: Amy has been my bish since we were in high school. (Urban Dictionary, 2006)
    3. Term of endearment/empowerment: OMG bish, you took forever to call me back(Urban Dictionary, 2005)
  1. A condescending term of address: On December 19th… You’re supposed to vote for Donald Drumpf but bish… He cray (Kate McKinnon, SNL, 2016)
  2. Censored form of “bitch:” Quit acting like a bunch of bishes, and shut the fuck up(Urban Dictionary, 2004)

The Story of Bish


Bish originated from African American English (AAE) and let’s be real it was probably coined by a young woman*. Bish enjoyed a quiet early life in the late 90’s as a family-friendly form of bitch. The early 2000s saw an expanded usage to expressions of friendship and empowerment, and a reclamation of the term from its disparaging connotation. In the 2010’s, bish seeped into Standard American slang, a common journey for AAE slang (see: fleek, bae, ratchet) compliments of the popularity of hip hop**. The transfer (and possible ruin***) of bish from black youth culture to white girl culture was signaled by its appearance in Katy Perry’s song Swish Swish Bish in 2017. Now bish may be found on sassy T-shirts about rosé and heard from the lips of basics. Enter LinguaBishes.

(When straight white men pick it up, you’ll know it’s been used to death.)